In CheapOutdoor you can buy your outdoor apparel online for both men and women. With our collection, we can help hikers and explorers who enjoy outdoor activities in the appropriate outdoor clothing.

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Why choose outdoor clothing?

Outdoor clothing is special clothing that is meant to ensure that you feel comfortable when you are outside. It is functional clothing that keeps you dry during a rain shower while you are walking, but outdoor clothing also keeps you nice and warm during a winter or fall trek. These are just a few reasons to buy outdoor clothing. The outdoor clothing from CheapOutdoor is not only functional but also cheap!

Wear your outdoor clothing in layers

It is advisable to wear clothing that you wear outside while walking or walking in layers. You start with a base layer that regulates moisture, such as a t-shirt. This is followed by the intermediate layer, which provides insulation. A woolen sweater as an intermediate layer is ideal because wool adapts to your body temperature. The last and outer layer protects you against the rain and cold. For example, you can choose to wear a raincoat as an outer layer, the raincoats from CheapOutdoor are not only water-repellent and water-resistant, but also have a beautiful design! With these layers you can take a layer off when it's hot and when it's cold or rainy put on an extra layer. So you are prepared for all weather conditions and seasons! This layer technique is widely used with outdoor clothing and works very well. In addition, matching good hiking pants can also be very nice to wear during longer walks.

Buy outdoor clothing?

In our range you will find cheap outdoor clothing for both men and women. You can easily buy your outdoor clothing online at our webshop. Whether you are looking for a pair of hiking boots with hiking socks or a pair of rain pants with a matching poncho, you'll find it all at CheapOutdoor! Our outdoor clothing is of high quality but competitively priced. So no matter what type of outdoor clothing you are looking for, at CheapOutdoor you will find something for everyone!