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CheapOutdoor provides the very best converter / adaptor for a trip around the world. Don't forget your converter / adaptor is not advised if you plan to go abroad, because in some countries you can get your phone recharged with the battery charger that you are using right now. The converter / adaptor if it is successful, however.

Converter / adaptor

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What is a world plug?

A world plug is an adapter that you can use to charge your phone or laptop in all countries around the world. On one side you plug your plug into the world plug from home and on the other you have the right connection with which you can ultimately charge.

Global plug: charge in all countries

Different connections are used all over the world to charge the devices. To solve this, you can use a world plug. This adapter allows you to have your own connection on one side and the connection of the country you are traveling to on the other side.

In addition, different mains voltage is used in different countries than in the Netherlands. The devices you want to take with you indicate for which mains voltage they are suitable. A world plug is not a voltage inverter, so it can mean nothing. The mains frequency can also be different than in the Netherlands (50 Hertz), so it is also possible that the device is not working properly. Pay attention to this when you go abroad.

In addition to the advantage of a world plug that it has the right connection for the country you are going to, there are also nice extras among the world plugs such as charging your phone with the USB connection to the world plug. With this you can leave your adapter at home which saves weight again.