Hannah Outdoor expansion sleeping bags

Because the sleeping bags are difficult to get at the moment, we have expanded the range further in order to continue to offer our customers a beautiful sleeping bag. We have chosen a number of blanket models such as the Hannah, Outdoor, Ranger 150 and 200 with zipper on left or right or the Hannah Outdoor Lodger 200, also with choice in zipper left or right. The fine thing about the blanket model sleeping bags is that you have more freedom of movement, or can just sleep on your stomach. They are also easier to zip together to create one large sleeping bag.

But what's the difference between the RANGER 150 and the Ranger 200? The same sleeping bag on the eye. The difference lies in the used filling with which the Ranger 150 has a single layer of filling of 150 grams per m2 and the Ranger 200 has a double layer of total 200 grams per m2. This ensures that it can be used up to a temperature of up to -11 degrees and the Ranger 150 up to a maximum of -4 degrees.

Our choice also fell on the Hannah Outdoor Scout W or what about the Hannah Outdoor Biker W, both mummy sleeping bags, anatomically shaped for the ladies among us and nice and light weight. In addition, the women's sleeping bags are often shorter because a lady is often shorter than a gentleman. This also prevents you from sliding all the way down in the sleeping bag. Ideal for summer camping or as the name suggests to take very compact with you on your bike (or during your backpack trip) ... a pack volume of 30 by 16 by 16 is of course very economical!

Look further here for all our Hannah Outdoor sleeping bags.

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