By 2020, What a year!!!

In a year where everyone's focus is on public health, to care for each other, but still keeping a distance. Whatever it was it can sometimes be difficult, and what is it that is still going strong!

For us, it was a year in which we are regarding to undertake a spicy time have to be known, but that we were happy with the decisions that we make have already been made for the corona, around the corner came and looked at it. Such as, for example, the adding of the clothes, in the area of pro-cycling. Because we could, however, not a lot to go abroad, to go outside, we were able to do! Partly because of such choices, we have, by 2020, our head is above water, will be held.

This year we have new brands added to our product range, and also, sometimes, farewell to a note. This year, we are in the SnugBud was introduced (and it's nice and hot!!!) as well as the Bergstop sleeping bag and jacket at the same time. In a year in which we have our website renewed.

On a personal level, we had a lot of depend on each other, sometimes with all 4 kids at home, it was not always easy, or pleasant; ) ), but we also enjoy geocaching, and biking, two. And then our custom trip to Europe, so there could be some good news in this crazy year!!!

Of course, we are looking forward to 2021, and we hope to start the new year out and about, be able to go to the foreign country. That is, we are far less distant places can be discovered. That we can have a drink and pick up that nice, or a drink can be in a cosy cafe. Where we have one mountain to climb or waves to be able to climb. Where we will be able to enjoy the culture, the scenery and the local cuisine.

Our vision for 2021 has been and will continue to, outdoor, make it possible for anyone to. We are looking forward to a new year of possibilities, look at you, you come with us?

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