CheapOutdoor the very best range of sleeping bags are ideal for any occasion. It is important to have a good sleeping bag to buy, because the sleeping bag you always looking for a good night's sleep can provide. If you're camping in the Netherlands, sleep, or go backpacking on the other side of the world, CheapOutdoor is always a suitable bag. Choose a bag from wide range that is best for you.


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Why choose a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag is a thickly padded bag for sleeping. Since a sleeping bag is easy to roll up, many people take a sleeping bag with them during trekking or other outdoor activities. There are different types of sleeping bags, suitable for different types of travel. All sleeping bags come with a compression bag to store and / or easily transport the sleeping bag, for example during backpacking.

Sleeping bags for every season

At CheapOutdoor you will find a wide range of sleeping bags, but how do you know which sleeping bag is right for you? The most important question you can ask yourself is in which season (s) you will use the sleeping bag. The comfort temperature indicates the seasons for which the sleeping bag is suitable. The lowest temperature indicates the temperature up to which you can sleep comfortably in your sleeping bag. If you only use your sleeping bag in the summer, you can opt for a one-season model (10 - 15 ° C). If you are looking for a sleeping bag for summer and spring, a two-season model is recommended (0 - 10 ° C). If you want to use your sleeping bag in spring, summer and fall, choose a three-season model (-10 - 0 ° C). If you are going to look for extremely cold temperatures, choose a four-season model sleeping bag (lower than -10 ° C), because this model is also suitable for the winter. In addition, a distinction is made between two different sleeping bags.

Mummy sleeping bag or blanket model

At CheapOutdoor you can buy a mummy sleeping bag or blanket model sleeping bag. When do you choose a mummy sleeping bag, and when do you choose a blanket model sleeping bag? The mummy sleeping bag has less empty space to keep warm and therefore insulates better. That is why this sleeping bag can be used to a lower temperature. Blanket model or envelope model sleeping bags have more empty space and therefore lose more of the heat, so they are suitable for warmer outside temperatures.