CheapOutdoor offers a large online selection of in packs. A backpack provides maximum comfort, because the weight of the baggage on both shoulders, it is spread out. Because you have to have your hands free, a backpack is convenient for traveling or other times when you have a long distance to travel, such as biking, hiking, or during a game. In CheapOutdoor can be used for all activities with a backpack to buy.


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Why choose a backpack?

A backpack or backpack is a bag that is worn on the back with two shoulder straps and is suitable as travel luggage. An outdoor backpack or trekking backpack often uses a hip belt or chest strap for extra support. This ensures that most weight ends up on the hips. This way you will not be bothered by the luggage that you carry. This is ideal, for example, during a draw. A smaller travel backpack is useful for daily use or small trips. The size of the backpack is not determined by the dimensions, but is expressed as unit liters.

Backpack: easily carry travel luggage

By using a backpack for traveling or proper use, you can easily take your luggage with you. If you want to order a backpack for daily use, a backpack meets between 20 and 30 liters of space. If you leave for longer, then you better buy a backpack between 30 to 55 liters. You can then take enough food, drink and other essentials with you. If you also need to bring sleeping gear, choose a large outdoor backpack or trekking backpack. Hereby you can use a capacity of 55 to 100 liters. A rucksack with water bag is recommended for an athlete because with this special rucksack you can replenish moisture without interruption.