Army knife

At CheapOutdoor we have a wide range of pocket knives. A pocket knife is one of the tools that should not be missing in your equipment when you go out. A compact pocket knife for everyday use and a survival knife or outdoor pocket knife is perfect to take with you on your next trek.

Army knife

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What is a pocket knife?

A pocket knife is a small compact knife that you can carry in your pocket. A small pocket knife is one of the longest-used tools ever and both the outdoor pocket knife and the regular pocket knife are still often used. The pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes. Bushcraft, survival, trekking, hiking: a pocket knife comes in handy everywhere.  

Pocket knife: a must-have tool

A pocket knife is partly a personal taste of what you like, but the most important thing is that you choose a pocket knife that can do its job well. A pocket knife for everyday use has different qualities than a bushcraft knife. The hardness of the steel can also be important if you are going to use it for heavier work. The best pocket knife is therefore different for everyone and is mainly determined by the purpose for which you want to use it.

Buy a pocket knife: you should pay attention to this

A pocket knife always needs a little maintenance, but here too you can see the difference between a pocket knife made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The finish of the handles of the pocket knives can also be the deciding factor. If you want to use the pocket knife outside in the rain, it is important that it does not slip out of your hand. In addition, you can also buy multi-tool pocket knives at Cheapoutdoor. These are several pocket knives in one that you can use for multiple purposes. To choose the best pocket knife for you, it is important that you first consider what you want to use the pocket knife for. Then you can choose a multitool pocket knife, outdoor pocket knife or regular pocket knife. Finally, you can choose the material of the handle. Keep your pocket knife sharp? View our knife sharpeners!